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Beware Of Fake Lightning Cables


Hello there. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Today I would like to talk about lighting cables.

One of the worst moments is seeing the “cable is not certified and may not work with iPhone” message.

Unless there is a minor glitch, this message usually means you are using a fake lightning cable.

These knock off cables aren’t just a waste of money.

They can overheat your iPhone and harm the power circuit on your motherboard.

Simply put, fake cables damage your phone.

For this reason it is a good idea to spend a little bit extra to buy an Apple certified/MFi (made for iPhone/iPad) cable, especially since you spent so much purchasing your device to begin with.

Since identifying a counterfeit cable isn’t always easy, its helpful to know how to spot them when you’re shopping.

1. The faceplate appears white or black (it should have a metallic gray appearance)

2. The USB surface looks rough (the authentic versions are nice and smooth looking)3. The plastic “boot” has an uneven width, length, and thickness

To ensure you are getting a cable that 1. works the way it should and 2. won’t damage your phone, get your cable directly from Apple or purchase from a reputable brand like Belkin, Griffin, Anker.

You also want to verify that it is MFi certified.

One final precautionTo make matters trickier, sometimes sellers claim you are getting a brand name product, when in fact they are sneakily trying to sell you a brand name knock off.

To avoid falling for this sneaky scam, make sure your purchase is backed by a warranty.

If you want more information on this topic, Belkin has a complete page dedicated to helping consumers avoid being scammed, and even have a form you can fill out in the event of a

fraudulent purchase.

In short, when buying a lightning cable you want to make sure its the real deal.

I understand you want to keep things cheap,but over all you may have to spend more money than you have to. Make the right choice.


If you have any troubles with your IPhone

feel free to ask anything.We are here to support you!!Come Visit Azelea Kawasaki.

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【Why??fix it at Smapple??】

Apple Store⇒2to3weeks to repair.

Smapple Kawasaki⇒ ★20~30min to replace battery ★40~50min to replace front panel LCD

We are quick!! Go have fun shopping in Azelia.We will fix your IPhone while you are shopping.

【Battery Problems】

IPhone batteries gets aged in about 2years.It gets faster running the life and sometimes being unable

to charge at all.Bring your IPhone to smapple Kawaski before it gets too late.

【Damaged LCD】

Shattered deviate,touching problems,wreck or crack of LCD and any other kind of problems can be fixed

by replacing the front panel of your IPhone.We usually replace it in about 30~40mins.


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